2013 Toronto Yoga Show Bhakti Yoga Kirtan Opportunity

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message from Pat Sandford and Andre Lepine:

Dear Friends of the Toronto Kirtan Community,

Plans for the 2013 Toronto Yoga & Conference Show, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on March 22/23/24, 2013 are well underway.

Ruth Dargan, the show organizer, has a vision of expanding the show offerings beyond asana. She is dedicating an area (previously used by Lulu Lemon) to a Yoga of Sound experience. She is looking for local people who practice their yoga in the form of pujas, drumming, kirtan or any other form of sound healing to demonstrate their sonic spiritual practice in this space throughout the weekend. The vision is along the lines of a community bhakti fest. This is a fantastic opportunity for us to reach out to the approx. 20,000 people who come through the show and show them that ‘yoga’ is not just a physical practice. As we all know, these practices are powerful, open hearts and bring love and peace into the world. Let’s allow the show participants to feel this!

Andre Lepine, of the Lotus Heart Retreat Centre, Brightonwww.lotusheartcentre.ca , and I have offered to assist Ruth with this. If you would be interested in sharing your practice at the show, please send your name/band name/performance name, along with a one or two line bio to Andre before Oct 28th.


We only have a short time to organize this, unfortunately Ruth had a death in the family which has put her behind with planning, and the deadline for the show programme to go to print is Oct 31st.

If you are interested but only able to attend one of the show days please mark your e-mail, ‘Sat only’ or ‘Sun only’. With the anticipated large amount of response and the short time in which we have to deal with it, it is unlikely that we will be able to accommodate time requests, so your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated.

The show will provide the space, a sound system and the promotion, participation will be voluntary. Please bring your CD’s, business cards and literature about your events etc.

I am excited Bhakti and Sound Healing will have a place at the Yoga Show! Let’s make it happen!

Look forward to seeing you all there!

with Love,
Pat Sandford.