22 June Mississauga Evening of Bhakti

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•Date: Sat, June 22 7 pm – 9 pm
Address: unit 19 – 21, 1030 Kamato Rd, L4W 4B6, Mississauga, ON, Canada

Evening of Bhakti

Dear friends,

This time we would be happy to see you again on our next session of kirtan yoga and mantra meditation.

Along with amazing musicians like Dhira and friends, Sabrina and Fil we can absorb our minds into the meditational mood while chanting together the powerful ancient mantras.

These vibrations will purify our bodies, minds and souls and allow us to experience higher taste, unearthly experience of the spiritual bliss. In this age of machinery and technology, this is the only method of awakening our real identity, the way to experience genuine joy, happiness and knowledge.

The topic of the day is “On the way to freedom or how to overcome your karma”. Apart from the knowledge from ancient Vedas, we will learn some practical techniques how to improve our life and eliminate unwanted karmic reactions. 

At the end there will be some vegetarian refreshments served.

Please RSVP if possible, hot samosas guaranteed .

Small donations of 5-10$ are welcome.