22 March Sat: Come to the Brampton Evening of Kirtan

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Dear friends
We would like to invite you for our next candle light kirtan meditation evening. We will open the doors at 7 pm on Saturday March 22.
The address is 6 George St. South, Brampton ONT, 2-nd floor.
Please park in the city hall underground parking – it is free.
For more info, please call Alex at 647.928.4108

Below are some notes from our last session:
Last Saturday we had a lovely and blissful kirtan with some of you. We were a group of approx 25 people all chanting in unison. We did some pranayam, breathing exercise to calm the mind, chanted sacred OM sound and sang and chanted the Divine Mantras. It was personally a very enjoyable event for me. We had a little talk about the principle of “Living Here and Now”. We will continue in our next session.
Please see some pics below:

*click on image for larger view