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Sat Sept 29 All night Chanting 7pm – 7am 

celebration at Toronto’s Nuit Blanche: 

@ 2 Queen St E, east of Yonge St,  Toronto – indoors in the atrium

Nuit Blanche is an all-night arts festival which transforms a huge area of downtown Toronto into a giant contemporary art museum. This year, amazingly, a 12-hour hour kirtan will be part of their programming and we will be involved! 

The city has given a big commercial lobby, right near Yonge and Queen (2 Queen Street East), and is allowing it to be transformed with lights and sound and taking participants back 500 years when the experience of sound and kirtan brought people together

HIGHLIGHT: the kirtan leaders will be hooked up to a heartbeat monitor which will be projected onto a screen and there will be a second projection which will display a thermal heat shot of the entire crowd!


HH Bhaktimarga Swami (Toronto) – our very own Bhaktimarga Swami will be joining us for this kirtan experience and bringing his energetic style of chanting.

Amala Kirtan das (Brazil) – a new Toronto favourite, Amala Kirtan das will be bringing his incredible chanting to Nuit Blanche and will headline the evening!

Gaura das (London, ON) – one of our locals, Gaura das can bring the house down with his amazing kirtans!

Vani (Alachua) – a violin player that will leave your heart spiritually-swooning, Vani will bring sweet sound vibrations not only through the instrument, but also through her kirtan leading!

Dharma (Miami) – a young force who is a marathon mrdanga player and spent time in Vrndavan as part of the Kirtan Mandali, Dharma will have everyone dancing with his drumming 

Kana (Alachua) – one the Festival of India stalwarts and also having spent time in Vrndavan as part of the Kirtan Mandali, Kana will be drumming and chanting as part of our celebrations!

Dhira Grahi das (Toronto) – our own local kirtan powerhouse, Dhira will be chanting during the evening as well and getting everyone dancing!


The ScotiaBank Nuit Blanche description of the event can be read at the following link:

Eva Kevalam – Shifting Time and Space, 2012 Kirtan Collective –

Getting There:
There will be many road closures that will prevent vehicle traffic from accessing downtown streets.  The best way to access the venue is by TTC – Queen station.