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Bhakti Retreat with Devamrita Swami and Badahari Dasa

Location: Sugar ridge retreat centre
Time Friday June 24 2011 06:00 PM till Sunday June 26 2011 06:00 PM


Break away from the city life for a nice weekend with a world renowned monk, mouth watering cuisines and enthusiastic yogis. Join us this summer for a weekend Yoga retreat with Devamrita Swami, a monk for over 40 years who has travelled to almost every continent inspiring people to embrace a lifestyle of yoga and meditation. Away from the city in the arms of nature surrounded by mystical mantra chanting by a special Bhakti Yogi – Badahari Dasa who has perfected the art of Mantra meditation through decades of practice.

Find yourself welcomed by a young and enthusiastic team of volunteers, delicious vegan treats and sound vibrations to soothe the soul. This is your chance to ask questions, enjoy dynamic spiritual presentation and go deeper in the journey of self realisation.

Schedule (to be finalized).

Freshly cooked vegan Breakfast, Lunch and dinner will be served for all our guests :
Friday Night : Arrival dinner at 6.30 PM, Workshop 1 Bhakti – the art of eternal love and last session is interactive Meditation
Saturday : Awaken for group meditation, Workshop 2 Exploring the loving potency, Interactive musical meditation, Workshop 3 The fire of desire
Sunday : Awaken for group meditation, Bhakti yoga – the topmost rung of yoga ladder, Soothing meditative chants, farewell and exchanging realisations

Please let us know if you will require us to arrange transport for you.

Devamrita Swami is a monk in the renounced order of life with profound spiritual practices that go back 40 years. In 1972, Devamrita Swami graduated from Yale University. At this time he came in contact with the ancient teachings of the east. He discovered that the knowledge presented in these books was the beginning of his real education. His attraction to this transcendental information was immediate and the effect profound. Ever since Devamrita Swami travels around the world constantly to fulfill invitations by prestigious universities like Columbia University, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Cardiff University, University of Toronto, Rotman School of business, York, Indian institute of technology and many other Universities around the world.

He is the founder of Institute of sustainability, an advisor on Spiritual Economics to the Russian chamber of commerce and the author of several books. This is his fourth annual tour of Toronto. In the past three years he has addressed over thousands of people on topics as diverse as yoga, environmentalism, vegetarianism, spiritual economics etc.

Currently based out of New Zealand, he is the author of several books like Searching for Vedic India, Perfect Escape, Beyond the barriers of limited science and Spiritual Greed. His strategic guidance has proved invaluable to students and professionals seeking to balance their spiritual and professional life. Main stops on his global circuit are Australia, New Zealand, the USA, South Africa, Russia, India, Argentina, Chile, the UK, Scandinavia, and Central Europe.

Badahari Dasa, a Bhakti Yogi, Kirtan master and a musician for over 35 years who has performed at several spiritual concerts in every continent.He has a degree in music and has released several music albums and trained many budding artists on classical Kirtan music and instruments.He will enchant you with his deep and devotional voice blended to the expert play of fingers on an ancient instruments ‘The Harmonium’. Accompanying him will be a group of expert musician yogis on eastern instruments like the hand cymbals and Mridanga-drum.Witness the transformation within as Badahari dasa explains the power of the mantras he will sing. A not to miss experience for all spiritual enthusiasts.