Fri Aug 22 Yeshu Satsang

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Agony by Arup Das lo rez

“Agony” by Arup Das.

Dear friends,

Despite the peace we feel here at home, our hearts feel broken when we witness the ongoing violence around the world, especially in the Middle East at this time. May the Spirit of the suffering Christ work in us, and in those in positions of responsibility and power, to bring protection, food, shelter, peace and restoration to those who are mourning the loss of homes and family.

Satsang this month is on Friday, August 22nd.

Many of you know that Miranda underwent a successful thyroidectomy on July 23rd. Tomorrow we meet the specialist who will help determine the next course of action. We are grateful that Miranda will be able to attend satsang and play the tabla. Quite possibly her voice will not be up for the challenge of leading, so please come prepared to sing!

With love,

Chris and Miranda

PS – Join us at the Festival of South Asia on Saturday, August 23rd, at 4:30 pm on the Main Stage in Gerrard India Bazaar. Chris will be performing a one hour set of sitar and Bollywood songs, with Ed Hanley (of Autorickshaw) on tabla, and Kathak dance performances by Joanna de Souza, Crystal D’Silva, and Kiran Phull of the Chhandam Dance Company.

Yeshu Satsang


Friday, August 22nd, 2014

7 pm

Church of the Resurrection

1100 Woodbine Avenue

Toronto, ON, M4C 4C7

Contact: Chris and Miranda at 416 469 1821 or


In India, Yeshu is Hindi for “Jesus.” Satsang means “gathering of the truth.” Typically, satsangs in India are gatherings of people who worship together, often using devotional songs called bhajans and kirtans. You are invited to join us in worshiping Jesus in an Indian way. We’ll be sitting on the floor, with incense, flowers and oil lamps, surrounded by the sounds of sitar, tabla, and other Indian and western instruments. The songbooks provided are in Hindi (with English translations) written so that you can join in. Fruit and Indian sweets (prasad) will be served afterward.



Feel free to pass on this invitation to anyone who you think would feel refreshed, or interested in Yeshu Bhakti (Indian tradition of devotion to Jesus.)