~ Live like you are singing kirtan ~

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There is a moment, sometimes, in kirtan when I feel like I expand… as my voice reaches out to mingle with countless other voices, each of us chanting the same words, we inhale and exhale at the same time, the sound rises and falls… each of us listening intently to the sound, paying attention and subtly, almost unconsciously making tiny adjustments to harmonize ourselves with the sound and create a wave of perfect vibration….and everything else fades away, the worries, the problems and the struggles. For a moment or two, that sound, the chant, takes on a life of it’s own, directing, going where it wants to go, the participants following, tuned to it’s pathway, a cry that….soars, rises, louder, peaking until it softens, quietens and dies away… until the sound can only be felt reverberating on the inside….
What would the world be like where people lived side by side, conscious of their neighbours, adjusting their thoughts, and actions to gently harmonize with those around them? A world where people had a common focus of creating a beautiful sound, a peaceful co-existence where they could hear and sense the differences of others, and rise to meet them, flowing with them, supporting and embracing them in their sameness and in their differences…going with the flow, flowing with the go…. and in the process create a perfect vibrating harmony.
Can you imagine a world where people lived like they were singing kirtan all the time?
Om Shanti