Mark your Calendars! Donna De Lory coming to Toronto!

The latest of delicious kirtan artists to grace our city is ….Donna De Lory. Join us as we welcome singer and songwriter Donna De Lory. Donna will be in Toronto performing at Lilith Fair and will make a pit stop at the Downward Dog for a special kirtan on Friday, July 23rd. Don’t miss her! For time and tickets:
Donna De Lory is a singer and songwriter whose voice and sound seem to transcend time and genre. Her music is a seamless blend of east and west, a beautiful hybrid of English lyrics and devotional Sanskrit mantras set to modern melodies. A longtime accompanying vocalist for Madonna, Donna De Lory has also recorded with legendary artists including Santana, Julio Iglesias and Jewel.In concert, Donna performs a meditative blend of Sanskrit Chanting and Devotional Pop, often accompanied by musicians such as Ty Burhoe on tabla, Cameron Stone on cello and Dave Allen on drums.

Beautiful Quotes
“Donna is the perfect combination of earth mama and fairy child. She’s grounding, sublime and soulful (with a) voice that oscillates between passionate laments reminiscent of Janis Joplin and the crystal clarity of Enya.” —Sharon Gannon

“I’ve always admired Donna’s voice; her songwriting is poignant and heartfelt.” —Madonna

“Donna’s concerts bring the house down and raise the sky.”—Shiva Rea

“Her voice is so beautiful… Maybe it’s just me or maybe it’s my time of life but for whatever reason this is sacred music to me… I listened enthralled and mesmerized… Donna has a voice like milk and honey and will warm you even on the darkest day…” —CDBaby Reviews

Yes, that is Krishna Das’ voice in the middle of ‘The Sky is Open’!
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