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Mike Cohen was recently in Toronto for a 5 day visit, connecting with the Toronto Kirtan Community, offering a multitude of wisdom and gifts in many forms, including Somatic Bodywork sessions at the Yoga House in the east end, where we were embraced by the loving care of Celeste and Manny, who provided amazing home comforts and dietary delights. Home-made ice-cream, chocolate, coffee, and fresh fruits and vegetables were among the many wonderful foods that were constantly available to provide us with delicious nutritious healing energy.

Mike played at two of Lana Sugarman’s yoga classes at Buddha Body Yoga Studio at Church/Wellesley. The combination of Mike’s powerful music and Lana’s sensitive, intuitive directions in where and how to move the body made for a sweet morning. In the afternoon, Mike led an inspirational Skills Building workshop, supported by the phenomenal drumming skills of Morgan Doctor, and the sublime vocals and guitar of Brenda McMorrow. We focused on leadership skills, musicanship and the community building aspects of kirtan.
During the course of the afternoon, an abundance of LOVE, SPACIOUSNESS & ALIVENESS was created. Judging by the sound generated from our collective 18 voices it is apparent that Toronto already has a very power-full kirtan community, but I happen to KNOW that it’s still in it’s infancy and has INFINITE potential.
Many thanks to MIKE for sharing his gifts, his assistant BROOKE for co-ordinating the events, and we look forward to their next visit in OCTOBER!