MIKE COHEN is coming back to Toronto!

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One of the magical moments for me in last Sunday’s kirtan workshop with David Newman, was in the middle of his He Ma Durga chant. We had been chanting for about 10 minutes, there was some good Ma energy being raised in the small studio at Downward Dog… and suddenly David stopped playing guitar, raised his hands above his head and started clapping. Mira’s drum matched his rhythm. We clapped and chanted, almost staccato style. The words took on almost a desparate quality, as we cried out to the Divine Mother. For a few moments the whole room was in sync, with sound, breath and heartbeat. We were One. At the end, David faded the chant out so slowly, and it became so quiet, it was a mere whisper, I didn’t want it to stop, and even after the sound faded, it continued inside..
Satyam. Gyaanam. Anandam. Brahma. Truth. Wisdom. Bliss. Absolute.

Just one of the many goosebump moments! Kirtans are great, but these intimate workshops are just the Juicest, Sweetest experiences ever!

…. SO ~ if you can’t get enough of the LOVE, you will be pleased to know, that we are DELIGHTED to WELCOME MIKE COHEN back to Toronto at the end of August. Mike WOWed us in May with an amazing rocking kirtan at Downward Dog and we just HAD to bring him back! He has just returned from a trip to India, and we look forward to hearing the wisdom and experiences he has to share with us.

Mike will be our Special Guest at Toronto Kirtan Community Circle at Subud, Woodbine/Danforth on Thursday Aug 26th. Come along to a cosy gathering where several local kirtan leaders take turns in leading chants. After share delicious potluck food, chat with Mike, and get to know your fellow chant friends!
By donation, suggested fee: $15.

On Sunday August 29th, from 12-1.30pm Mike will play music during Lana Sugarman’s Yin Yoga class at Buddha Body Yoga at Church/Wellesley. Regular class fee applies.
Right afterwards, also at Buddha Body Yoga from 2-5pm Mike will lead us in a Kirtan Skills Building experiential workshop.
Workshop fee: $45.
Join us for a fun, creative afternoon as we go deeper in the practice of kirtan. Accompaning Mike will be our local chantress Brenda McMorrow, and phenominal drummer, Morgan Doctor.
This is going to be a very special afternoon, mark your calendar!!

See our calendar for more details. Register online with @ http://www.buddhabodyyoga.ca/

While in Toronto Mike will also be offering powerful healing one-on-one Somatic Bodywork sessions. Somatic Bodywork increases relaxation, reduces pain and tension, releases energy from habitual bands of constriction, and accesses the untapped the wisdom of the body. Mike has a limited amount of sessions available, please book early to avoid disappointment.

For more information or to book a session, contact his assistant, Brooke: