Russill Paul coming to Toronto!!!

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Sat Jun 11 @ 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM TORONTO:  ecstatic kirtan with russill paul with russill paul 
@ Downward Dog Yoga Studio
735 Queen Street West, 2nd floor
Toronto, ON M6J 1G1 
phone: 416.703.8805
Join us, on Saturday, June 11th, for an immersion in divine love through ecstatic chant, mantra practice, and deep surrender of the sound within the silence of an awakened heart.
The session will be guided by, Russill Paul, an extraordinary musician who plays multiple instruments while leading Ecstatic Kirtan. Russill is a master of mantra initiatives in the Vedic, Tantric and Bhakti traditions, and a brilliant scholar with extensive knowledge of mantras and Indian spirituality. Under his exceptional guidance, you will find both meaning and joyful resonance — connecting to the deeper dimensions of the kirtan experience, rendered profoundly and made easily accessible to you.
Russill will be joined by an ensemble of Toronto’s finest musicians and kirtan experts: Jim Gelcer (multi-instrumentalist), Donald Quan (multi-instrumentalist), Marc Rogers (Bass), and the shimmering vocal choir of Marla Meenakshi Joy, Sheila Goldman and Katherine Duncanson.
To learn more about Russill Paul visit:
$25+HST in advance or at the door.
June 11-12, 2016 Caledon/Toronto:  Russill Paul – THE YOGA OF SACRED SHEATHS”
Claiming the Fullness of the Yogic Experience with the Koshas
(full details below)
The retreat is offered over 2 days  in Caledon, Ontario, with a Kirtan on Saturday night in Toronto.
• It takes 1h 15 min from downtown Toronto to get to the retreat by car.
There will be shuttles offered each day. Please book the shuttle ahead of time through our Contact page.
• A macrobiotic lunch is included on both days.
• For accommodations close to the retreat, please Contact us.
• The Kirtan will take place at Downward Dog, Toronto
Russill Paul is one of the pioneers who brought an understanding of Sound Yoga to the west. He is the author of “The Yoga of Sound: Tapping the Hidden Power of Music and Chant” and the producer of many acclaimed mantra music CDs, including his most recent “Mantra Magic”. Russill’s 30-year practice includes five years of formative training as a monk and yogi in India followed by 25 years of teaching in the West at many prestigious learning centers and leading-edge conferences. He is the founder of Yogic Mystery School Online and leads chanting pilgrimages to India each year.
Claiming the Fullness of the Yogic Experience with the Koshas
Imagine being covered in light while being energized by sound! This weekend offers you a unique opportunity to tap one of the most valuable experiences in Yoga, the “koshas”, while guided and assisted by master teacher and musician extraordinaire, Russill Paul.
The word “kośa” in Sanskrit means sheath or covering. It is one of “layers” of the self described in ancient yogic texts. Join master teacher and musician, Russill Paul, here in Toronto for five powerful events conveniently laid out over the course of a weekend, so that you can go deep into each of these layers through power of mantras coupled with yoga practices.
5: Sessions—All five recommended for the fullest experience
Explore mantras that pertain to the health and well-being of the physical body together with dynamic kriyas and trance-dancing while chanting mantras.
Learn how mantras can be integrated into yogic breathing techniques to facilitate spiritual energy in the nadis, our energy channels.
Enjoy devotional music and the interactive chanting of mantras set to ecstatic music and melodies to bring the mind into the heart.
Practice mantras connected to the mythology of the Indian spiritual tradition to inspire and enliven your yoga practice.
Experience mantras coupled with mudras to induce the deep states of yogic meditation known as samadhi, the ultimate goal of yoga practice.