Spring Brings a Minestrone of Kirtan Choices to Toronto

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Sweet Chanters:
Being human, we all have our preferences, right? We sort and categorize life by what we like and what we don’t… Even when it comes down to kirtan, after you’ve tried a few different varieties, you know what lifts you up, and blisses you out, and what leaves you wishing you’d opted for an early night. It’s human nature…. and leaves me feeling an abundance of gratitude for how many choices we have in the Toronto area….

For those who like a mellow, smaller gathering with non-amplified music there are many regular kirtan gatherings around the city…
For the sweet taste of Krishna chants, check out another of our favourite local kirtan bands, GauraShakti, who pop up frequently around the city at health shows, yoga shows, yoga studios, and Hindu temples.

For amplified music, and a more energetic evening, we can dust off our dancing shoes for Francesco’s birthday kirtan at Vivace’s Studio on Sat May 9th. On May 29th and 30th we are very excited to be able to welcome Mike Cohen and his band to Downward Dog for Kirtan and a Bhakti & Beyond Workshop. Mike has spent almost a year on the road taking his Funky Datta kirtan from Columbus to Colorado to Costa Rica and just about all points in between.

For sweet chants from the Sikh branch of the Bhakti Yoga tree, we are blessed with the presence of Snatam Kaur (pictured above) on Wed May 19th 7:30 at MacMillan Theatre, U of T.
Ram Dass said, ‘In Snatam’s voice, there is purity, clarity and love.’


What a fine kirtan soup we have to choose from! For full details on all gatherings in Toronto & Beyond, please check our Kirtan Calendar.
Happy Choosing! Choose one spoonful, or go for the whole bowl of kirtan soup! Om Shanti!