THE KIRTANIYAS’ last weekend in Toronto in March 2011

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Om Bolo Kirtaniyas Ki! Jai!!
The Kirtaniyas on Saturday March 5 2011
@ The Downward Dog Yoga Centre in Toronto
photo courtesy of Rishi Kumar
Saturday March 5 2011 @ Toronto’s Downward Dog
Saturday March 5 2011 @ Toronto’s Downward Dog
Friday March 4, 2011 @ 5 Elements Brampton
Friday March 4, 2011 @ 5 Elements Brampton

Friday March 4, 2011: 8-10pm in BRAMPTON: The KIRTANIYAS

1st hour Prana Flow Yoga taught by Michelle Cormack pranafied with The Kirtaniyas live music
2nd hour Kirtan/Chanting
$15 in advance/$18 at the door
For more info and tickets, contact 5 Elements Yoga & Pilates Brampton at 905-451-9642 or at

Saturday, March 5, 2011 @ 8:00pm in TORONTO:

$ 20 + tax – In Advance (Before March 5th)

$ 25 + tax – Regular Price

THE KIRTANIYAS: Born to and raised in Krishna culture of song, dance, philosophy and devotion, The Kirtaniyas consist of four energetic and multi-talented singers-musicians from various backgrounds who live and breathe kirtan with a passion. Let’s chant, dance and experience the uplifting experiece of Kirtan Yoga together! Come and taste authentic Gaudiya kirtan with The Kirtaniyas. Hear the glorious sound of mrdanga drum and savour the sweet sound of harmonium. Let your spirit soar with pure sound vibration of potent mantras!


“With great talent and exuberance, The Kirtaniyas rock the house with their devotional chanting.”
– Wah

“The Kirtaniyas are bright shining stars of the kirtan revolution. Their energy is fresh and uplifting and their music is absolutely intoxicating. They are my favourite kirtan band around!” – Govindas, Bhakti Yoga Shala

“Vijay is my new favorite drummer. Sweet, joyful, funky, slamming, he’s got all the colors I like to paint with.
I wanted him to tour with me, but he was already booked!” – Dave Stringer

“Clearly the torch is being passed to Vijay and The Kirtaniyas, giving me hope that a whole new generation will continue to fall in love with the transformational path of Bhakti Yoga and devotional chant. I LOVE what they do and encourage any Kirtan aficionados to come experience their magic!” – Shiva Baum, Executive Producer of Krishna Das’ “Breath Of The Heart” and Triloka Records’ Head Of A&R

“The Kirtaniyas, led by Vijay, are my favourite devotional chanters of all time.” – Sura, Temple Bhajan Band

Listen. Can you hear it?

A melody starts, wistful and longing. It sweeps the crowd. The singer closes his eyes and his song bursts forth. It is wrenched from his heart, it seems. We call out in response. It is an easy mantra. Cymbals clash and punctuate a rhythm. Drums begin to throb and thunder.
They say the drum beat represents the heartbeat of God maddened by love.

That’s The Kirtaniyas—four talented performers—all of them singers and musicians. These energetic, multi-talented artists come from a rich, colorful background. They grew up in a Krishna culture of song, dance, philosophy and devotion. At the heart of it all, there was always Kirtan. It owned their passion before they could talk. Restlessly tapping out drum beats till they got on their mothers’ nerves; dreamily humming tunes; studying songs and lyrics and language; learning to play instruments—they were never more passionate about anything.

They live by Kirtan, they relish it day after day, and now they are inviting you to join them:

“How would you tell someone what sugar tastes like when they have never tasted it? How can we describe kirtan? Come and taste it, relish its sweetness for yourself.”