Welcome LEA LONGO from Montreal & Bhakti Fest to Toronto!


Celebrating the new CD, “Peace Chants”, you will be embarked on a meditative path with Lea’s soothing voice and Rad’s infectious guitar playing…performing and sharing devotional sanskrit, english and gurmuk mantras, you will be captivated by the sounds of this Bhakti Yoga- Kirtan!

PEACE CHANTS“, the new CD from Lea Longo, a Montreal kirtan chant artist who has found her musical path and yoga while chanting the names of sacred Gods years back in India…

Lucky are those who has found their destiny, but it is not always the case when we are strutting through from day to day, paying the bills, checking off the “TO DO” list and so on etc… Do you have an inner place where you would like to go to and just stop all the mind chatter? Don’t we all need a break?

Now, we don’t need to all to go to India to find our inner peace…. Lea was strangely enough: “searching for my yoga and upon searching on the internet, I found this yoga chanting group so my gut told me to go…I never thought it would completely transform me from personal to musical as well. Now I chant all the time in my kirtans and on my recordings… it’s amazing!”

But you can get the same feeling while relaxing at home or driving in your car listening to this music on your own time and find your inner peace…

PEACE CHANTS” is a CD of sanskrit and gurmuki mantras blended with turkish and persian instruments, sitar, and modern guitar effects for a complete eastern/western feel. Lea’s voice is soothing and mystifying. An Album to Own!


A Special Kirtan Evening with LEA LONGO & RAD in TORONTO!


Time: 7:30 pm

Tickets:$ 20 Pre-Register

$ 25 at the Door

Location: Lotus Yoga Centre

100 Harbord Street, Toronto


Cheques made to The Wellness Path and mailed to 348 Palmerston Blvd.,TO, ON M6G 2N6

For more information, contact Nirmal @ 416-929-9369 or events@thewellnesspath.ca


(Nam Jiwan Kaur) is her spiritual name…Lea is a Kirtan chant artist, singer/songwriter and a Kundalini Yoga teacher. Lea travels with her musician Rad, sharing the Bhakti Yoga & devotional song mantras from her CD’s, ZEN VOYAGE and new release , PEACE CHANTS.

Lea’s voice has been described as “spiritually rewarding, soothing and mystifying. With a Bachelor of Jazz studies, you can hear some of her jazzy influence in her voice and kirtans. But this singer/songwriter is no stranger to other musical genres, successfully having most of her songs from one of her previous albums, “Miserably Happy” in various popular movies and TV shows as “Cheaper By The Dozen”, “She Drives me Crazy”, “Dawson’s Creek”, “Party Of Five”, “Summerland”, Felicity”, “North Shore, and many more. She was also the Grand Prize Winner in the Canadian National Songwriting Competition, which was picked out of the other 11 finalists and thousands of entries throughout Canada.

It is in 2006 where Lea travels to India and discovers music mantras chanting with true chanting masters. This is where Lea’s transformation happens and it is at that moment when she decides to pursue world-ambient “Yoga Chanting” to a more profound level. Moreover, upon her return, Lea decides to become a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor and teaches mantra meditation to deepen her yoga practice and musical expression.

In 2007, Lea co-produces and releases ZEN VOYAGE -an ambient music CD showcasing her soothing and velvety voice featuring 10 sacred mantras based on Sanskrit texts. Well received in the new age world, Anne Williams from the New Retailer Magazine quotes: “wonderful CD for anyone who enjoys chant but is looking for a new sound. Very nicely arranged and performed”.

Her new CD, “Peace Chants” is a collection of sanskrit, english and gurmuk mantras blended with world beats, melodic guitars,traditional persian and turkish instruments. Lea’s voice is captivating and pure, leading the listener to a peaceful and meditative state of bliss.