YogaBliss Kirtan changed from Friday Dec 2 to Sunday Dec 4th

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Join Us for
this Sunday!

Due to conflict of events Kirtan is on

Sunday December 4th (2-3:30pm)

We will be offering smudging before Kirtan
~ a native tradition of healing & cleansing
OM sweet hOMe studio
252 Lupin Drive Whitby
905-903-YOGA (9642)
krishna playing flute

Kirtan is one of the oldest

spiritual music traditions.

It is a call-and-response

chanting experience using

ancient Sanskrit mantras.

We sing African, Native

Indian and English chants.

Everyone is invited to

share their voice regardless

of musical ability. The

chants have been given

for all to sing! It is our

birthright to share our

voice, speak our truth,

and be self expressive.

Practicing Kirtan quiets

the minds constant chatter

and returns us back to

our center. It is about

opening the heart and

effortlessly creating a

sense of oneness, peace,

and healing inspiration within us.

Chanting is a beautiful way to
step into your own Sacred Space

Join us the first weekend of each month.

All are welcome to come!

No cost required.

Donations are accepted towards one of our Charities

This month we are raising money for:


Please RSVP your intention to attend as space is limited.

Thank you!


Bliss~ings, Nienke

Lokah Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu

May all Being
Be Happy
& Free!